He knew about it but kept on walking. This is why dads are so special. They can do anything without embarrassment for their kids.


She was in a deep nap when someone did this. Honestly speaking, not a bad try. She really looks like a duck after the transformation.


The little champ has just started walking and is unaware that he cannot make it back to the baby pocket.

No, they are not twins.


You cannot have a party completed without him. He must be part of it whether you invite him or not. Be careful when you are at the beach next time.


He must be using his cell phone and it ended up like this. But what’s more important is that people around seem not to bother the sad incident.


Only the dog knows what is about to happen. It has been warning everyone around by barking while looking at the shadow.


If you don’t know how to take a selfie the easy way, try this method. You will either have an amazing selfie worth sharing or you will end up breaking your leg.

It works with all types of toothpaste.


The easiest way to grow your balls. You don’t have to own the vehicle. If you have nice neighbors, you can try this doing with their ride.


When he opened his eyes, he was in the hospital. He is fine now and has decided to only play computer games.


A warning for brides who have healthy and meaty bridesmaids invited on their special day. Better change the bridesmaids or change the location.


A perfect example of how to do something out-of-the-box to get notified and to stand out from the crowd.

No, he wasn’t fired because he had a fair excuse for doing this.


Use Visa or MasterCard, your choice. But do not ever use your legs like this.

The view from the bench is simply outstanding, though.


Don’t worry, it was intentional and she knew it. And guess what, it was her first time doing this and she really enjoyed it.


It feels nice to be a trendsetter because you can share your experience with others and tell them how much you enjoyed being there.


It hurts. He must be looking at the people and must be feeling proud of himself as a cyclist when this happened.

He is safe now.


The child allowed his grandpa to use the swing for a few minutes but grandpa was not at all interested in giving it back to the kid.


You just have to be confident no matter what. Even if you are sure what you are hiding in your armpits. Be confident and you can beat everyone.


This must come as a surprise but in reality, this poster is meant to be used for the said purpose. The dog is not at mistake here.


You cannot hide when you are being chased by a silly bull who has decided to knock you down even if it has to drown itself for it.


The chair was repaired and she was successfully pulled out after the stunt. They have now covered the seat with a solid steel plate to avoid any further stunts.

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